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We understand how important sustainable resourcing is & we would like to assure you the environment hasn’t gone unnoticed in our boxes!

All food packaging used by Dining At Home is enviroware. So it is recyclable, & in some cases even compostable. So to keep it simple, it can be easily thrown away in your yellow recycle bins- lids & bases or any recycle bin program you have !

How about the styrofoam box you say ??
The air trapped inside the material makes it an exceptional insulator. Heat or cold gets stuck inside the air pockets and takes much longer to escape.

This is REUSEABLE !! Don’t Throw Out Your Styrofoam Cooler –

We are happy to collect with your next order, just let us know in the notes when placing your order!

Here Are A Few Easy Ways To Reuse Your Styrofoam Cooler And Give It A Brand-New Life.

Feel free to paint the outside of the box to match your use if you like !

• Use It As An Esky For Your Next Dinner
Stand your bottles (or tinnies) in the box, pour ice over them. Ready for showtime !
But please don’t drag it or carry it full, it will break!!

• Use It as a Grocery Holder
Place our Styrofoam box in the boot of your car for groceries or any food transport. When covered should keep cold/hot for a couple of hours (max)

• Build a Compost Bin
Composting is a great way to recycle kitchen scraps and produce excellent planting soil. By repurposing a Styrofoam cooler as your compost bin, you can make recycling an even bigger part of the overall project. Start by drilling holes in the cooler and the lid. These holes provide ventilation and drainage. Drill several, but not so many that they compromise the structural integrity of the cooler.
Once you’ve drilled the holes, put a layer of dry materials in the cooler. This creates the heat. Next, add a layer of fresh or green material, like kitchen vegetable waste or lawn clippings. Add another layer of dry on top to contain the smell. Any time you add new fresh material, mix it up and add about two cups of water.

• Pot Your Plants
While many of the myths about gardening with Styrofoam are untrue, you can use coolers made from the material to pot your plants. They can be decorated to match any color scheme. 

So don’t feel bad about the Styrofoam box, please don’t rush to throw it away.
Reuse it for one of the projects listed above.