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A dining at home experience from four of Sydney’s favourite restaurants delivered to your door.

Let us take the hard work out of cooking by bringing you some of our signature dining experiences to the heart of your home.

Enjoy our three course menus, featuring restaurant favourites prepared for you to finish, plate and enjoy with family and friends at home.

Whether it be a special celebration, a family feast or dinner party with friends, our menus have been designed to suit any occasion, lunch or dinner. Our meals feature the finest quality ingredients from our trusted producers and we use only the freshest seasonal produce, farmed and delivered sustainably. Our meals are expertly prepared by our team of talented chefs with simple instructions for you to finish and plate.

The only thing left to do is to sit back and enjoy our dining at home service with your family and friends.  


"The Dining at Home experience was delicious and so easy to prepare. The instructions were clear, simple to follow and the food was easy to prepare and didn’t take long. The food itself was absolutely beautiful, just like dining out. The soufflé, mash and the Beef Wellington were delightful. I would definitely use Dining at Home when I’m entertaining a group or just have a nice meal for two"

– Angelique

"Imagine coming home to your own table after a long day to a light-as-air cheese souffle, a crisp salad of delightfully-balanced sweet and bitter notes, and tender carrots julienne. But wait! Now a sumptuous Beef Wellington appears, accompanied by a creamy potato mash and a red wine jus of perfect consistency and flavour. You gobble it all up with someone special, or indulge alone and keep the rest for tomorrow.

And then…you wait as long as you want to for the most delectable sticky date pudding to cap off the night. No need to hire a butler or a world-class chef – you can have this experience at home for a reasonable price. And all you have to do is turn on the oven!"

– C Hamilton

"My wife and I just tried the Kingsleys home delivered beef wellington meal and are happy to say that it is just as superb as what we have regularly at the restaurant. The starters were delicious. Next for main is their signature Beef Wellington, which comes with the very same red wine jus as in the restaurant, paired with creamy Paris mash and honey'd dutch carrots.

It was all perfect, and all very easy to make because the oven temperature remained the same for everything that is cooked. The instructions are very simple, put the food in and take the food out at various times, and the food comes in disposable yet recyclable cooking trays, for less cleaning up. I’m happy to say that out of all the "at home fine dining" experiences, this one is without question the best. The quality of produce, the value for money, and the easy preparation all add up to it being the best option out there"

– H Headly

"100% no question at all, this is the best way to have a high-quality restaurant meal in your own home!! This was no ordinary take away, it was truly delicious, chef-prepared, best quality dining at my own table, with no hassle. Amazing.

My wife and I were taken aback not just from the elegance of the packaging, but also the simplicity of the home preparation and then of course the flavours. Oh the flavours!!! Being foodies, we always try to replicate with no success what we get in nice restaurants or see on television. That problem is now solved. From the silky-smooth Paris mash to the smoky, crusty sourdough loaf nothing was left out. We could not have been any happier. Highly recommended :)"

– David